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Oil Boiler and AGA Servicing in Northumberland

Once installed, to maintain the high levels of efficiency your Oil boiler, cooker or stove gives, regular routine servicing is essential. The service includes inspecting the Oil tank, cleaning the heat exchanger and combustion area as well as cleaning the burner and replacing any necessary parts, and ending with the analysis of flue gas emissions (boilers) and resetting them where necessary to obtain optimum efficiency.

Service Intervals vary depending on the appliance and the type of Oil it burns, usually a boiler or stove requires annual Servicing when burning kerosene and 6 monthly when burning Gas Oil, most cookers such as the AGA require servicing every 6 months, but others such as the Stanley and some Rayburns only require an annual service.

Servicing should only be carried out by experienced and competent persons; our 3 engineers have a combined experience of over 50 years working within the Oil Service Industry, unlike some of the newer companies that only complete a course of 5 days or less and are still defined as competent! Ask a company how long they have been training and how many boilers they service a year; you may get a shock.

We are among the lowest priced companies within the Industry but can offer a far superior Service and range of experience over most other businesses.

A carbon monoxide alarm is always recommended as Oil boilers do produce carbon monoxide.  Although the smell from an oil leak does not produce any noxious gases, and is not immediately life threatening, it will eventually cause irratation to the lungs and therefore can still be hazardous to your health.

Climate change is a Global issue. 20% of all the Greenhouse gases produced in the UK come from homes and 70% of that from boilers. A coating of soot or scale the thickness of an eggshell can increase fuel consumption by 10%. An incorrectly adjusted burner could easily increase fuel consumption by another 10%.

It necessarily follows that a well Serviced boiler will work more efficiently and helps reduce these harmful Greenhouse gases, saving our planet whilst at the same time saving the householder money. We are happy to Service and repair Oil boilers as well as many types of Oil cookers including AGA, Rayburn, ESSE and Stanley Cookers in the North East, Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

That’s why we offer our loyal and regular customers up to 20% discount on Service and call out costs and 10% discount on parts used; as well as giving them priority for breakdowns over the non regular customer.

After a visit

During the replacement of flexi oil lines and some parts, oil may spill and will leave a smell. If the smell gets worse or has not disappeared or lessened within 24hrs you must inform us immediately.

We would recommend you check for any smell or leakage of oil or water after a service or call out at your oil tank or boiler/cooker, especially if they are situated in an area that is not visited on a regular basis. If your problem was pressure related please make sure you check your pressure on a regular basis to ensure the problem is rectified, so as not to cause further damage to components.

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