Other Services

We have provided a selection of our Help/Fact Sheets to explain and help you understand some of the problems or potential problems that you may experience with your Oil Heating boiler or AGA etc.

They may also help you self-diagnose a simple problem that may alleviate the need of a Call out, and therefore saving you money.

All the information provided in our fact sheets and News letter has been written by John Williamson and reflects his own personal views and interpretations which have been gained from his extensive knowledge working within the Oil Heating industry over the last 25 years.  It has been produced for information purposes only and for the customers of HEATBASE Ltd, and should not be copied or reproduced for commercial purposes or any other reason without prior written permission and consent.





Other Services

Terms and Conditions from 1st April 2015


F/S 1 Oil Tank Inspection & Condition


F/S 2 Oil Storage & Appliance Regulations


F/S 3 Oil Tank Isolation,Filters & Flexis


F/S 4 Water cotamination in fuel tanks


F/S 5 Oil supply line and associated items


F/S 6 Remote sensing Fire valves


F/S 7 Aggressive Oil and Biofuel in Gas Oil


F/S 8 Premature carboning problems with vaporizing burners


F/S 9 Fuel Additives


F/S 10 Carbon monoxide poisoning


F/S 11 Appliance Location, combustion

and ventilation Air Requirements


F/S 12 Oil Appliance flue termination


F/S 13 Temporary conversion to Open flue


F/S 14 Problems with Condensing Boiler flues, condensate and plumes.


F/S 15 Limescale & system Corroision


F/S 16 Expansion vessels and system pressure


F/S 17 Hard water and Combi boilers


F/S 18 Intermittent faults lubricity and luminosity


F/S 19 Replacement of recommended items


F/S 20 Warning Labels and Installation compliance


F/S 21 The Importance of Servicing


F/S 22 What to to if your AGA breaks down


F/S 23 What to to if your Boiler breaks down


F/S 24 System efficiency


F/S 25 Energy Saving Tips


F/S 26 The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013


F/S 27 Service Contracts


F/S 28  Homeowner, Tennant or Caretakers Responsibilities


F/S 29 The Landlords Act


F/S 30 Testing of Safety Controls


F/S 31 Changes to the properties of kerosene


F/S 32 Bio Kerosene


F/S 33 Problems with Oil Pumps


F/S 34 Problems with Baffles and Seals


F/S 35 Earth Bonding & Electrical Regs


F/S 36 Oil prices, Oil Companies & Buying Groups


F/S 37 Why we don't do Installations or Plumbing work


F/S 38 Works notification & commisioning procedures


F/S 39 PRV Discharge Termination or Open Safety Vent position


F/S 40 Oil Tank Fire seperation distances


F/S 41 Domestic or Non-Domestic Installation


F/S 42 Keeping your Oil Storage Compliant


F/S 43 What to do in the event of an Oil spill


F/S 44 Downrating of Appliance Output


F/S 45 Electronic Jobsheets & Invoicing


F/S 46 Complains and Inspections


F/S 48 Failure to comply with Building Regulations