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Low Carbon Fossil free fuel replacement for homes using Oil fired boilers. No need for a costly Air Source Heat Pump.Visit the Future Ready Fuel website.


Rural Pub in succesful trials of a Fossil Free replacement fuel for Kerosene, using the first Domestic fully modulating oil burner. No need for an expensive Air Source Heat Pump.

Convert to HVO: The future of Oil Heating


The Government accepts that not all properties that are off the Gas grid will be suitable for expensive Heat Pumps to replace their Oil fired boilers. Renewable liquid fuels are recognised in Heat and Buildings Strategy.


There is no need to replace your Oil boiler with an expensive Air Source Heat Pump. See the latest news about the Low Carbon, Fossil Free Heating Oil replacement-HVO



Are additives causing problems with Oil fired boilers and AGAs

F/S 50 Ongoing problems with kerosene and oil burning appliances





Time For Technicians And Installers To Turn Up The Heat!

The Heating Engineers & Allied Trades Federation (HEATFed) is a new organisation, which will provide a collective, formal voice in the United Kingdom on behalf of Heating Installers, Technicians, Engineers and allied trades. In his Chairman's address, Neil Rose explains the aims and objectives of the organisation and provides some background to the Federation. Read More

HeatFED... Winning The Fight For British Installers At Home And In Brussels!

The Heating Engineers and Allied Trades Federation (HeatFED) is now offering discounted first year membership to technicians and installers, after winning victories of the Federation’s members at home in the UK and in Brussels. Read More

Are condensing boilers a waste of money?

Do the apparantley "High Efficiency Condensing" boilers that are forced upon us actually save us as much as they claim? Charlie Mullins, MD of Pimlico Plumbers in London, the country's largest independent plumbing company gives his opinion.


Oil Remains Competitive In Off Mains Areas, Claims OFTEC

11th January 2013

With energy prices on the rise, the cost of oil heating has remained competitive for the off grid sector. According to the latest independent figures, the annual cost of heating an average three bedroom home with a condensing oil fired boiler has risen by just over 4% in the past 12 months. Read More

Snow set to return to the UK

12 February 2013

People across the UK have been warned to make use of the calm before the storm today (February 12th), with further snow storms expected tomorrow.Up to six centimetres is expected to fall in the north of England on Wednesday afternoon, while as much as 15 cm could be possible in some parts of Scotlan... More


Britons urged to be prepared for another cold winter

19 October 2012

Heating oil customers have been urged to be prepared after meteorologists said another cold winter could be on the way.The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS), Action with Communities in Rural England, Citizens Advice Bureau and Consumer Focus have joined forces to promote the Buy Oil Early camp... More

BRC confirms food prices will go up this season

10 October 2012

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has confirmed that consumers are likely to feel the impact of rising food prices in the coming months.Last week, analysts said they were concerned because of the wet weather that harvests would be poor and this has now been backed up by the National Farmers' U... More

Utility bills could rise again in January

9 October 2012

There are suspicions that utility companies could be preparing to raise their prices again at a time when many people's bills will already be stretching them to the limit.E.ON made a pledge in May not to increase its tariffs during 2012, but consumer groups have pointed out that the company has ... More

Court battle could ensue over European order on VAT for energy products

11 September 2012

A controversial order by the European Commission to raise VAT on energy efficiency products could result in the government going to court to fight it.To reduce fuel poverty and ensure carbon emission targets are met, the tax on products including insulation is currently five per cent.However, Europe... More

World events could see heating oil prices rise

6 September 2012

British people nay have to brace themselves for an increase in heating oil prices after two events across the Atlantic took their toll on oil production.Analysts at JP Morgan told the Wall street Journal's Market Watch blog that the explosion in a Venezuelan oil refinery and Hurricane Isaac have... More

Nestle Chairman Claims Biodiesel Is Causing Higher Food Prices

18th August 2012

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Nestle chairman has expressed concerns over the production of bio-diesel saying that it is putting pressure on food supplies. Land and water that would otherwise be used for growing crops is now being used for the production of biofuels, acting as a catalyst for an influx in food prices. Read More


Wind power could cause energy bills to soar

8 August 2012

Britons could be forced to pay an extra £300 a year on top of their ordinary energy bills unless the government changes its policy on wind power, it has been claimed.Professor Gordon Hughes, speaking on behalf of the Global Warming Policy Foundation in a new report, said meeting current target... More


APHC Supports Government Attempts To Tackle Late Payments

18th August 2012

APHC is backing the latest attempts by the Government to tackle problems smaller businesses are facing in relation to late payment. A recent study by Bacs highlighted that SMEs wait an average of 28 days longer than their original payment terms before getting paid and that the amount owed to small and medium sized companies has risen to £33.6 billion since September 2007. Read More


RHPP Dismisses OFTEC's B30K Bioheating Oil

28th May 2012

Northern Ireland homeowners and householders are now able to obtain support towards the costs of installing a renewable energy heating system in their homes, with the notable exception of bioheating oil, which is ineligible for funded assistance under the province's Renewable Heat Premium Payment... despite Northern Ireland having the highest prevalence of heating oil usage in the UK. Read More


Could a freezing May have Brits needing plenty of heating oil?

19 April 2012

The idea of still needing heating oil in May is likely to be disappointing for many Britons, but a weather forecasting agency has said this will be the case in 2012.WeatherAction predicts the country could be set to witness the coldest May for 100 years next month, with wintry weather sweeping in an... More

Britain's middle age groups feeling the financial squeeze

18 April 2012

It may often be older people who feature in news reports about the rising cost of living and heating bills, but younger people could be just as badly affected.A survey carried out by Aviva found that debt peaks at the age of 35, when most people in this age group said their financial concerns come t... More

Homeowners urged to shop around for better heating oil prices

18 April 2012

Britons who have been watching their bills for heating oil and other fuels escalating in recent months should try and do something about it.This is the advice of Martin Lewis, self-proclaimed money saving expert and a regular on TV and radio programmes aimed at helping people to drive down the risin... More

Heating oil customers to benefit from North Sea oil discovery?

17 April 2012

British people may be able to find more quotes for cheap heating oil following news of a fuel discovery in the North Sea.Wintershall said yesterday (April 17th) that it had struck oil around 17 kilometres south-west of the Gjoa field.The reserve has been dubbed Skarfjell and it is thought there coul... More

Heating oil safety highlighted by new study

10 April 2012

More homeowners may be prompted to power their boilers with heating oil after the results of a safety study were published.Research entitled the Downstream Incident Data Report carried out by the Gas Safety Trust examined the number of carbon monoxide poisoning incidents in the UK between July 2010 ... More

Computer Models Wrong Again, Says Former Environment Minister Sammy Wilson MP

12th April 2012

Former Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson MP has said that computer models and their predictions about global warming are proving, once more, to be wrong. Sammy Wilson MP was speaking following the publication of an article by Professor William Happer, a professor of physics at Princeton University. Read More


Gas Safety Trust Announces Latest Figures on Fuel Safety

3rd April 2012

The Gas Safety Trust, the UK's consumer fuel safety charity, has today released the latest figures on carbon monoxide incidents for 2010/11. The report, which is the fifteenth in the series, analyses accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning incidents in Great Britain associated with the use of domestic mains gas, piped LPG, solid fuel and heating oil. Read More


Oil Heating Industry Responds to Bio Mess Proposals


Government Launches Heat Strategy Document

30th March 2012

HM Government has set out its vision of how it can cut emissions from heating homes, businesses and industry in the decades ahead. The Heat Strategy sets out the long term challenges and opportunities on the pathway to decarbonisation and asks specific questions, including seeking views about future policy options, which the Government may need to consider. Read More

3rd April 2012

The UK's oil heating industry has responded to last week's announcement of a delay to the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for consumers in Great Britain and the extension of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme (RHPP) for domestic consumers. Read More


Vast majority back call to scrap heating oil VAT

6 March 2012

Almost all the British public would be in favour of a move to eliminate VAT from heating oil and other domestic energy supplies, a new poll has found.Research conducted by uSwitch revealed 98 per cent of people want the government to remove the tax in order to help ease the squeeze on household fina... More


'Behavioural changes needed' to cut heating oil use

9 March 2012

Individuals trying to reduce their heating oil use by fitting energy efficiency measures also need to consider how they can adapt their own behaviour to ensure they see a benefit.A study by Northumbria University revealed retrofitting homes with devices such as modern boilers could actually increase... More


Many heating oil users may be missing out on energy saving measures

7 March 2012

A large number of people in the UK may be using more heating oil than necessary as they have not installed simple energy saving measures to their home.This is according to a survey by Knauf Insulation, which found 70 per cent of households have seen their domestic fuel bills increase recently.Howeve... More


Worcester Bosch Back Single Competency Scheme

5th March 2012

A number of industry organisations have pledged their support to APHC's proposals for an Industry-led voluntary single scheme. Following the initial press coverage and growing installer support for the scheme, leading industry figures have stepped forward backing the proposals. Read More


Campaigners Urge Domestic Energy VAT Cut

5th March 2012

Ahead of the forthcoming budget, campaigners and charities are urging the Government to reduce or eliminate VAT on home heating fuels, if there is to be any hope of reducing fuel poverty across the UK. Read More


"Does The UK Need An Energy Revolution?", Asks CHPA

5th March 2012

The Combined Heat and Power Association has launched a new report setting out a credible pathway for the decarbonisation of heat in advance of the Government's forthcoming Heat Strategy. Read More


Govt urged to slash VAT on heating oil

5 March 2012

The government has been urged to assist struggling families by removing VAT from energy bills such as heating oil.This call comes from Eddie Martin, leader of Cumbria County Council, who said such a move would help many households to climb out of fuel poverty.VAT on heating oil currently stands at f... More


Petroplus Administrators Announce Coryton Lifeline

17th February 2012

The Administrators of Petroplus Refining & Marketing Limited, owners of the Coryton Oil Refinery, have announced a lifeline for the beleaguered refinery, after signing an agreement to ensure crude oil deliveries for the next 3 months Read More


Today Is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

10th February 2012

As temperatures plummet, the UK's leading fuel poverty charity National Energy Action launches Fuel Poverty Awareness Day urging all households struggling to heat their homes to seek help immediately and avoid needless suffering. Read More


Oil Scams Very Much Alive, Says RPM Fuels & Tanks

8th February 2012

Over the course of recent years there has been a surge of reports on oil thefts across the country and last year saw Machinery Trade International reveal an extensive list of scams, reportedly linked to traders registered in the United Arab Emirates. Read More


Barker Issues Winter Warmth Appeal

4th February 2012

As the big freeze grips the country, pensioners and the most vulnerable are being urged to take advantage of a government grant scheme to help make homes warmer. Letters have just landed on 675,000 doormats across England to raise awareness about various government supported initiative, including the Warm Front scheme, designed to help the fuel poor. Read More


2050 CO2 Target Requires Fundamental Change

1st February 2012

There is no possibility that the UK can meet its 2050 target for CO2 emissions without fundamental change, according to a report published recently by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Even with modern boilers and state-of-the art insulation, the UK cannot continue to heat so many homes by natural gas and achieve the required 80% cut in emissions. Read More


FPS Reassures Heating Oil Customers After Petroplus Enters Administration

27th January 2012

The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers has moved to reassure heating oil customers, after Europe's largest independent oil refiner, Petroplus, entered administration. The Swiss based company operates the Coryton refinery, near London. Read More


OFTEC Expresses Green Deal Concerns

20th January 2012

OFTEC has expressed concern over whether the new Green Deal will sufficiently address the problems of fuel poverty in rural areas. In a written submission to the select committee inquiry into fuel poverty in the private rented and off-grid sectors OFTEC questioned whether the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation would be financially attractive enough for rural households. Read More


Climate Change Agreement Reached But Questions Remain Over Renewables

12th December 2011

Only a day after UN Climate Change Talks in South Africa were branded a success by the UK's Department of Energy & Climate Change, a new report from the Adam Smith Institute and Climate Change Alliance calls into question the effectivnese, affordability and capability of renewables. Read More


81% Increase In Energy Bills Predicted For 2021

4th December 2011

Power Efficiency, a Balfour Beatty company specialising in energy management and carbon consultancy, has recently released the findings of a new research report entitled 'The Energy Price Challenge'. Read More