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Be vigilant with your money and compare the price of Kerosene.


Kerosene prices were as low as 14p per Litre during the first COVID Lockdown, but some Oil companies were still charging 56p per litre or more; although Oil prices have risen sharpley this Autumn, some Oil companies are still charging about 25% more than others!



People often complain about how much their Oil heating bills cost even though it is comparable to Mains Gas in running costs and much more efficient than LPG or Heat Pumps.


The problem is prices can vary so much from company to company and on the volume you buy; as well as the time of year you buy it.

It’s not how much it costs you to buy the fuel, but the volume of fuel you use each year that dictates the efficiency of your oil appliance.

Care should be taken when ordering your Oil; make sure your delivery is not too small, as you are often charged more for smaller loads. Try to avoid buying in the busy period when fuel costs rise when the demand is high e.g. Harvest Time, Beginning of Winter and especially the run up to Christmas. Make sure you contact several of the Oil companies to price check, as regular customers are often charged more, and most companies in our area are in fact owned by one group! Try to find one of the few Independent family owned suppliers, they usually give best value for money. Speak to your neighbours and see if you can organise a buying group; you often get a better price for multiple orders on the same delivery date.

Beware of price comparison sites, some are owned by the oil companies; the one used for our average prices is to provide an average price guide only and often shows a higher price than you could actually buy Kerosene for.

On the right is a list of the only Independent Companies we are aware of that deliver within our area; the rest are owned by the Irish conglomerate DCC Energy who trade in the UK under the name CERTAS Energy formerly the GB Oil Brand(not to be confused with GB Fuels of Gateshead).

GB Fuels and Lubricants have now been taken over by another Company named OIL NRG which is still an Independant Company in it's own right.


Since they are independant they should be able to quote cheap, if not the cheapest oil prices in the North East, Northumberland and Scottish Borders.

We will add or delete names to the list as and when we are informed of any changes to this situation.

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Heating oil price data provided by BoilerJuice.com


Other Services

Johnston Oils

Graeme Snaith

07549 121816


GB Fuels
Now trading as Oil NRG

Unit 1 Beaconsfield Ind Estate

Station Lane


Tyne and Wear


0191 3077000

WCF Fuels North East
11 Hunter Road
South West Industrial Estate
County Durham
Tel: 0191 5186770

Par Petroleum
Par House
Woodstone Village Industrial Estate
Tyne & Wear, DH4 6DU
Tel. 0191 3858001

Rix Petroleum North East Ltd
Willowburn Industrial Estate
NE66 2PF
Tel. 01665 602100