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The Laws concerning the Installation of Oil tanks and Oil fired Appliances changed on 1st April 2002. It became a legal requirement to deposit full plans to the Local Authority if you want to replace or move your Oil tank or Oil fired appliance, it is also a legal requirement that the Installer arranges to have the appliance Commissioned. Alternatively, if you choose an OFTEC registered Installer they can bypass the need to deposit plans, and have the authority to Self Certify their work.

We have tried to provide a basic guide to some of the Building Regulations regarding the Installation of Oil boilers and oil storage tanks. All information given is for basic guidance and reference only. If you have any concerns or require in-depth advice or guidance, the individual circumstances should be checked with the current Building Regulations, a Building Inspector or suitably qualified OFTEC Registered Technician.

Building Regulations Approved Document J, LI A, L1 B, L2 A, L2B and BS 5410 cover the Installation of Oil Boilers, Tanks, Cookers and Stoves as well as providing guidance on Energy Efficiency.



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Regulations and downloads

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Our basic guide to the 2002 Regulations

Energy Efficiency Guide to the Householder

A Guide to the Installation of Condensing Boilers

PPG27 Installation of Underground Oil Tanks


Underground Oil Tanks Briefing note from the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers


Building Regulations Part J 2010

Energy Efficiency Regulations Part L1a 2010

Energy Efficiency Regulations Part L1b 2010

Energy Efficiency Regulations Part L2a 2010

Energy Efficiency Regulations Part L2b 2010